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Try This At Home

I was standing over a sink full of dirty dishes again and wishing I was doing something else. Been there? My guess is you have. Maybe your bane wasn't dirty dishes, but piles of laundry, a stack of bills, or yet another poopy diaper.

Somewhere along the way I got tired of the sulking and depression that was always looming over my mundane tasks. I began to realize that if my sink was empty it would mean I had not cooked for anyone. Or when I looked at the puddle of pee from my recently potty-trained three year old son, I couldn't help but be glad for him in spite of the mess. And the piles of laundry, although daunting, meant that there was life being lived around me.

Do you see what I am trying to say??? It's time to be thankful! Please try this at home.

The next time you are wallowing in pity about the hours of work involved in raising children or loving your husband, remember to be thankful for them. There are plenty of things to be thankful is you just stop and give yourself some time. Honestly, in spite of the hard work, aren't you glad that you have who and what you have?

If you are reading this, I'd even suspect you have some free time. We have to make a decision to be thankful though. It's easy to see everything that is difficult and burdensome and even just plain gross. But your family is a blessing. Your job (whether it's in the home or out in the city) is a blessing. To have a home to live in, food to eat and clothing to wear is a blessing.

Are you starting to see?

It's all about perspective. Positive perspective makes for a happier life. I like happy and I bet you do too. And that's the kicker: it's up to you! Your life isn't going to change. My guess is you have a pretty spectacular life as it is. You just have to choose to be thankful.

Try it for a week. Be your own scientist and come back to share your results. Don't let it be one more thing on your To-Do List - make this the thing to do!


  1. Hear, hear and what a great reminder. I was recently reading a post written by a mom who lost her daughter. She said how much it pained her to read about other moms complaining about her whining/grumpy kids and how she would give anything to have that back.

    Keep me updated on your list of great things to do the last seven weeks of summer.

  2. Jenna,
    I enjoyed reading your blog so much and your latest is a great reminder of all of the blessings that we overlook in the midst of the mundane chores. Thanks so much for the reminder! Pray all is well with your family!

    Kelli Hohm


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