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There are few words that have become so tied to one particular meaning as this one: passion. We tend to relegate this beautiful sentiment to an experience tied very closely to lust... or some feeling that is rarely tasted by mere mortals. We see "passion" only in glimpses on the flickering screen when two people can't keep their hands off of each other or perhaps worse, when a crime is committed in the name of "love."

To define passion is complicated. If you look up the word in a dictionary, you will find a great wordiness in an attempt to express what I think is almost impossible to express. Passion is so deep and untouchable and spiritual, that perhaps it is best not to try to define it at all. In fact, I have been pondering over how to put into words my thoughts on this matter for days. But don't get your hopes up.

In my humble opinion, passion should be running through our veins every day. A pure, spiritual experience that binds us together as humanity. Passion is like a rushing river that refreshes and moves us without washing us away. Do you feel passion in your daily living? Neither do I. And I think that is to our detriment. We live in the knowledge that our days our numbered. We may live to be 90 years old, but probably not. How many thousands of years has the earth been in existence? I have no idea. But I know that one life, even if lived for 90 years is a drop in that rushing river that may never be noticed - except for passion.

Naturally, we remember lives because of their evil. That's humanity for you. But a life lived passionately, one that was lived to better humanity, those are the individuals who leave a lasting impression on the world, who bring hope and inspire others to their own passions! They are not just the names we read in history books either. They are the great-grandmothers who cared for their families and kept them alive during the Depression. They are the soldiers whose names we may never know who gave their lives to save another. They are the missionaries who risked everything to bring food and living water to a savage people. They are those of us, who time and again choose to do what is right - even if the force to run the other way is great - because we believe passionately in the cause of humanity. To believe that every life counts, that what we do here makes a difference -THAT is PASSION.

I've seen people who are passionate about cars or football or art, and that is fine. But what good is passion if it doesn't make the world a better place? Is that what passion was created for? To bring individuals pleasure without reaching out to another soul? I don't think so. If you are passionate about cars, why not share what you love with sick children? If you are passionate about football, use that as an outlet to raise money for orphans. And art... art is the very essence of passion! To use it only for our own selfish pleasure without sharing it and creating good from it would be an abomination.

I guess I am feeling passionate today. I hope it doesn't stop anytime soon. Mostly, I am passionate about loving people. We need one another and passions can bind us together to make our lives better... to make them count for something. If we all lived passionately, with a desire to make humanity better, how would our world change? What are you passionate about that you can act on today? Or, if you've forgotten your passion, how can you revive it?

Don't try to define it, don't let it wash you away. Soak it in and seep it out.


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