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Christmas Goodies

Sweets are synonymous with Christmas. It's a blessing and a curse. About this time of the season I begin to think something like this: "If I have to eat one more cookie I'm just going to lose it."

It's really not so much that I'm tired of sweets. I'm just tired of the same old cookie. Every once in a while you find a great cookie recipe that brings life back to the party. You won't be finding that recipe here. My solution is to move away from the cookie tray and over to the candy dish.

I love trying new recipes and this year is no exception. On a whim I picked up the holiday issue of Better Homes and Gardens to find some deliciously different candy recipes. I'm sharing one today. So if baking isn't your thing, there is still hope. Just remember that the key to great candy making lies in two very simple principles: patience & a good candy thermometer.

Pink Grapefruit Gumdrops 

Nonstick cooking spray
1 c sugar
1 c light-colored corn syrup

Christmas Tree: Updated

For years I've had an internal battle about my Christmas tree. I love the old ornaments, that give a glimpse into Christmases past. On the other hand I love modern touches... beautiful glass or metal ornaments that have a true theme.

To reconcile the two, I came up with my own solution this year that I'm really quite happy with. We adorned the tree with every possible ornament until boughs were full. Then I came back through with some beautiful holiday picks to give a uniformity to the entire tree. I chose three styles of picks that all worked well together: a bright white, glittery evergreen-like pick, a frosted, glass pebble branch pick, and a flocked pick with sugared candies.

Now my beloved "heirloom" ornaments look beautifully nostalgic amid the fresh and uniform accents. What do you do to make your tree special?

Happy Thanksgiving!

We all have so much to be thankful for! I hope you all have an amazing week of festivities, family and friends. I also hope you'll be so busy having your own holiday fun that you won't even miss the lack of posts here at Mom In Progress. ;)

I'll be back with more great holiday ideas on November 29.

In the meantime, don't forget to leave a comment on Give Thanks Part 4 for a chance to win a Scentsy holiday plug in and Scent of the Month! Your comment must include your email address so that we can contact you.

Gobble, gobble.

Give Thanks: Part 5

What better way to give thanks than to give to those in need? I realize this is a very personal topic and we all feel passionate about different needs in the world. Whatever tugs and your heart strings, I just pray you will listen and share of your abundance to make the world a better place.

If you're not sure where to give locally in Colorado, here are a few suggestions:

Denver Rescue Mission
Open Door Ministries
Arapahoe County Santa Claus Shop

Globally, there is also great need. Consider:

Advent Conspiracy/Living Water

There are so many - PLEASE leave a comment with an organization close to your heart.

Give Thanks: Part 4


There is so much to be thankful for, it really is hard to decide what will make these next few posts... but today is an ode to my husband. If there is one thing he loves, it's great smells.

Although great smells come from great cooking, they also come from great candles. Now with kids around candles can feel a little risky, but then came Scentsy. This is a "flameless" candle which is actually kind of a throw back to the scented wax warmers that used a candle. No candles here, just plug in the warmer and the small light bulb does all the work. I'm a fan of the nightlight sized warmers, but the larger Scentsy warmers are quite lovely.

Browse the entire Holiday Collection to find the one perfect for your home or start thinking about gift giving - the combinations are endless! And look at this festive warmer of the month (10% off):

But now we need to talk about fragrance! Silver Bells is the fragrance of the month (also 10% off…

Give Thanks: Part 3

Today I'm feeling thankful for tradition. The holiday season can bring joy and sadness, but in the midst of it all I think many of us either relish the traditions that we grew up with or we long to make new traditions of our own. For most families, I would guess it's a beautiful tapestry of blending the two.

Some of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving include gathering in the family room to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade, bundling up and heading to our high school for the rivalry football game, and arriving at my grandmother's house where family members were nearly out-numbered by pies! I've carried on the tradition of the post-dinner craft where we all (the women and children that is) gather around the table and create some sort of holiday craft together. For several years right after my husband and I were married, we took his younger cousins to the movies on Thanksgiving night - lots of great memories were made. And there are of course the food traditions. Beyond…

Give Thanks: Part 2

When I was growing up I remember that Advent was a special time when my parents made an extra effort to make time together as a family. Even if you have not typically celebrated Advent (the days leading up to Christmas beginning December 1), there is no reason not to start! It can be as simple as doing a countdown or as complicated as having a special Christ-focused Christmas activity each day or anything in between!

At the risk of making you feel like I'm skipping right over Thanksgiving, I wanted to sneak in a plug for Advent while you still have time to plan ahead! Check out Family Time Training - a non-profit ministry based in Colorado that provides great resources to help parents teach spiritual truths to their children all year long. During the months of November and December you receive a FREE GIFT with every purchase made! The free gift happens to be a giant Advent sticker calendar plus a fun, foam Advent craft wreath. Two great activities to help you get started having so…

Give Thanks: Part 1

What could be better than two weeks of posts leading up to the "official" start of the holiday season?? I'm here to deliver some great festive fun that includes plenty of things to give thanks for!

A few days ago I made some chicken noodle soup that helped to remind me why it's worth making soup from scratch. It also reminded me to be thankful that the simple act of mixing flour and eggs makes noodles. If you haven't made noodles before, can I encourage you to try it this week? I know next week is probably your big cooking week, but if you cook up a big pot of this chicken noodle soup it will likely last for 2-3 days (even if you're like me and can't help but sneak some for a late night snack too).

Here's my super simple recipe. Honestly, this is more of a technique than a recipe. Once you have this basic idea down, you can add ingredients that you like the best. My only disclaimer is that you will likely need a pasta maker for your noodles. You don&#…

Give Thanks: Part 1/2

I don't usually post on Sunday, but I just found a great offer that I want to be sure you have a chance to take advantage of! This week and next is going to be all about giving thanks. What are you thankful for? What makes Thanksgiving and the upcoming Christmas season so special?

If you don't already have plans for Thanksgiving and want to get away, consider Solitude Cabins in Estes Park, Colorado! At a rate of $150/night, its an absolute steal! We stayed here with some friends several years ago and the accommodations are lovely. The setting is magnificent - out of town but only a few minutes to the heart of Estes Park shopping and dining. Here are the details for the deal:

We still have some cabins left for Thanksgiving! At $150.00 per night  plus tax and fee, there really is no better deal in lodging in Estes Park!  Friday November 26, 2010 is the annual "Catch the Glow" parade.  The lighted parade is truly one of the unique events that captures the simpleness o…

C'est la Vie: More Christmas Card Ideas

Keep reading for a free card offer!

There is always more than one way to do something. I got a wonderful comment from one of my readers sharing about a great online card service called Send Out Cards. I was sharing about your options for getting started with Christmas cards for this season and they told me about this great service.

Now if you're thinking this is just another e-card program let me stop you right there. I've used Send Out Cards before and you are not going to believe what it can do! You can choose one of hundreds of thousands of cards, or upload your own photo. Then, write your very own message or use one that is provided. Here's the amazing part - you can upload your own signature and they will even send the card for you! If you're not amazed yet, there's more... for an additional fee they can send a gift card or gift along with your card!! Seriously. Maybe a book, stuffed animal, candy or a Target gift card and you've covered gifts for everyon…

C'est la Vie: It's Never Too Early For...

...Christmas cards! 

Some of you are rolling your eyes or shaking your heads at me, but we are all busy and what is the best way to stay stress-free during the holidays??? Planning ahead!

Shutterfly has tons of great ideas for making the most of your photos. One great idea? Turning that fun photo into your holiday card this year. Personally, I'm wild about their Glee Christmas 5x7 photo card - it is fun and simple which are two things that make my world go 'round. I just love the idea of sending a personalized card with a picture of our family. For our friends and family around the country, I know they appreciate seeing an updated photo when they receive our Christmas card. Many of my friends have also adopted the photo card as their means of wishing everyone a "Merry Christmas" and I adore getting their pictures too!

But remember, you don't have to wait until Christmas to send your greeting. I have a few friends who have switched to a Thanksgiving greeting that …

C'est la Vie: The Sweeter Side of Halloween

Ask my parents, I've never been a big fan of Halloween. I can't explain exactly how or where my distaste began, but somewhere between pre-school and middle school I knew that this was definitely not my favorite holiday.

Now as a parent myself, I'm walking the fine line between allowing my kids to know I don't love Halloween without spoiling all of the fun for them. Truth be told, it's really the gore and guts, the spooks and screams I can't get on board with. Why would I subject myself or my children to fear in the name of fun? I find it ridiculous.

On the other hand there are plenty of things I do enjoy... I mean who can argue with miniature candy?? I'm not ashamed to tell you that I feel a whole lot better eating 10 mini- Kit Kats over the course of 3 days than I do about eating a full-sized one in a single sitting! And the crafts and other goodies are more my speed too. Costumes? So long as it doesn't look like something that would make a toddler cr…

Day Trip: Echo Lake

Sometimes I just feel like I can't function a moment longer in the city. My soul is screaming for the mountains and I need to get away. I see the mountains everyday, but being in them is quite another story. And knowing I can be up and away in less than an hour has a "so near and yet so far" ring to it.

Every mom can relate to the problem: schedules are difficult to coordinate! Babies takes naps and need to be nursed frequently. Husbands have appointments and, darn that 9 to 5 job, but somebody has to work. Older children have school daily, not to mention their extracurricular activities. Yes, sometimes a day trip seems like a pipe dream. But we managed to make it happen... Thanks in part to a few days off from school last week and clever scheduling on the part of my hubby.

It wasn't too long ago that we took the kids up to Idaho Springs to stay at the Indian Springs Hotel and ventured to the peak of Mount Evans. That was a spectacular trip and one that you can only …

Mom Spot: Autumn

Happy Monday!

Meet my favorite tree...

C'est la Vie: The Anatomy of a Birthday: Heart

Our school district is off for conferences this week which is my only reasonable excuse for not posting this on the day I promised... I was busy having fun with my kids! Now back to birthdays.

When you think about the heart of any party ask yourself these questions:
What do you want your guests to enjoy and remember?
What will be the special things that they did that they talk about all week long?
Even more importantly, what will your son or daughter love the most?
What will they be calling grandma to tell her all about after the party?

These are the things that make up the heart of a great party. Maybe it's a fabulous cake. Maybe it's an absolutely silly game. Maybe it's the location. The heart of a party makes memories. It doesn't have to be wildly extravagant. It doesn't have to cost a lot. It certainly doesn't have to be more work than you are willing to do. A party from the heart comes from the heart.

I want to share one picture of the very happy birthday…

C'est la Vie: The Anatomy of a Birthday: Hands and Feet

Here it is, moms. Put on your running shoes because it's time to get ready for a party! Hopefully, you've picked a theme that everyone is happy with and you have your to-do list in hand. Maybe I should also tell you to put blister guards on your fingers because the truth is in our culture we can find plenty of answers and ideas online too. If you prefer to do most of your shopping online, knock yourself out. I've tried that route and it never seems to be the most cost effective. However, if cost is not your main concern and/or if you don't have the luxury of finding 15 different stores in a 5-mile radius that can meet your needs then by all means click away!

First things first, do you need to order anything? Ideally, you are planning for a party that is at least 3 weeks away in which case you have plenty of time. Cakes, personalized items, or rentals should all be taken care of first.
These decorations were pre-cut and I just had to assemble. Now they are permanent deco…

C'est la Vie: The Anatomy of a Birthday: Brain

Birthdays are work! When you are a child you have no idea what it takes to put a birthday together and rightfully so. When you are a mom, oh, you know all too well. So let me start out with this thought: do you feel obligated to have a full-blown party each year for your child? Don't.

It is more than acceptable to only have a "party" every other year or even less frequently. Maybe you would rather have family gatherings and only invite children's friends for big birthdays like turning 5, 10, 13, or 16 - whatever birthdays you feel are most significant. Keep in mind that when you don't have the party with friends it frees you up to do other great things with your kids. Let me give you a couple of examples.

On my daughter's birthday last year, she just wanted to go to a hotel. So we made a reservation at a fun hotel in downtown Denver and just she and I went to spend the night. We went out to eat, stayed up late playing games, and walked around the block to Sta…

C'est la Vie: The Anatomy of a Birthday

Some birthdays just seem to take on a life of their own. My daughter's eighth birthday is a prime example. Last week was filled from beginning to end with birthday fun! It started with a grandpa sponsored shopping trip in which she purchased her first pair of skinny jeans. She is a self-declared fashionista so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. That was Sunday. Her birthday wasn't until Wednesday... and her party wasn't until Friday! We definitely had birthday on the brain.

She had decided a couple of months ago that she would have an American Girl tea party for her birthday. Turning eight with dollies and tea sounded like a perfect party and it received full "mom approval." We made the invitations with all the trimmings from the American Girl craft department at Michael's craft store. The date was set and the invitations were sent. Then, time for all of the glorious details (that is, if you like details). So in honor of my daughter and her very special bi…

C'est la Vie: Proud Mommy Moment

There are some things you simply cannot teach your children. You teach principles, but you can't teach your children how to react in every possible situation. Surely, some times our children will fall flat on their face and that's just part of the learning process. But other times, you stand back in awe. You see the fruit of your labor. In it's most humbling aspect, you realize that it's nothing you did at all but rather the heart and personality of your child that is innate.

One of these moments happened to me just recently. We had invited our elderly neighbor to dinner. She is a sweet woman who loves children and enjoys any time we visit. For hours before dinner, my son asked over and over again when she was coming for dinner. He was genuinely excited to have her as our special guest. So, when the clock finally settled about 10 minutes before her expected arrival, I gave him permission to walk over to her house and escort her over to our home.

Not only did he tote an…

Mom Spot: Good and Humble

"Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him (her) show it by his good life, by deeds done in humility that comes from wisdom."
~James 3:13

When I read this, I can imagine it this way, "So you think you're smart? I don't care how smart you think you are, let's see how you treat people. That's what matters... smart is caring less about yourself and more about others. That's the kind of life that is going to make a difference."

Happy Friday!

Harvest Festival & Pumpkin Sale at Littleton Historical Museum

If you and I go waaaaay back, like pre-Mom In Progress, you've heard me talk about this before. If you're new to Mom In Progress, don't be surprised when I talk about this particular event year after year after year. The Harvest Festival is without exaggeration one of my top five favorite things to do each year. Last year we invited some friends who had never gone before and it just so happened that it was like winter in mid-October. Literally, snow was falling and little fire pits were lining the farm trails.

Now if you've never been to the Littleton Historical Museum, let me start with a word picture for you. This sprawling farm and exhibition center is located on 39 acres in old Littleton and is bordered on one side by Ketring Lake and on another side by a monastery. The working farm is actually split into two time periods: 1860's and 1890's where you will find carefully preserved buildings, live animals, and beautiful gardens along with the exhibition cente…

C'est la Vie: Creative Eating

If there is one thing that just drives me crazy, it's when my kids don't eat what I serve them. This annoyance is elevated when I pack them a healthy lunch only to have almost the entire thing come home with them at the end of the day. (It probably feels worse because I rush to do the lunch packing in the morning... not exactly their fault.)

Although I've given some blog time lately to what to pack a lunch IN, I haven't done much in the way of discovering fun options for eating. Kids love things that not only taste great but look good too. Aren't we all this same way? And there is no doubt this takes some creativity and initiative (it's clearly easier to glob some PB and J on a couple pieces of bread). So I decided to start rummaging through my kitchen to find what I already have stocked in my cupboard plus what tools I already have  and combining it with a bit of creative, mommy flair. Here are few things I came up with:

The Snacky Lunch: pack crackers, peppero…

C'est la Vie: Hello Fall

I hope this is a great way to say "good-bye" to summer and "hello" to fall! Enjoy these great pictures that I captured a few years ago on a hike on Kenosha Pass.

Parent Teacher Organizations: What Can You Do?

This year I have taken over coordinating volunteers for my daughter's elementary school - it is a fun way to get to know teachers and staff, students and parents all the while making our school a great place to be. It also happens to be an extraordinary amount of work.

You offer adults the opportunity to volunteer, you stock the database, you find leaders to take on  specific events, you communicate and over-communicate, you work harder to get volunteers, you try again to get volunteers, you threaten to cancel events if you don't get enough volunteers... but seriously... it's tough to get volunteers!

If you have kids in school, this is what you need to know: everyone has something to offer! Everyone has time to help with something. No excuses. When you have kids in school, you need to find a place to make a difference. If you are the PTO point person for recruiting volunteers, you need to show your families how important it is that they help and then thank them and encoura…

Mom Spot: Time Saving Tip Tuesday

One word: FOLDERS.
They can be manila or bedazzled, but you need them to keep up with the sheer amount of in-coming paperwork! If you have more than one child in school, you need one for each child and perhaps one for special activities that have an excessive amount of paperwork. Although many activities are going more paperless, there are some things that just can't be avoided. Before you end up with a cluttered mess on your counter or desk, invest in a few inexpensive folders to makes things more manageable.

Better Breakfast Month Giveaway!

Just leave a comment and you'll be entered to win a month supply of free Nest Fresh Eggs courtesy of Hidden Villa Ranch.

The more I talk to busy moms, the more I realize breakfast for dinner is a favorite meal for families! It's quick. It's inexpensive. It's healthy, hearty, and tasty! September is Better Breakfast Month, and I've started thinking of all the wonderful breakfast treats we enjoy in our home.

Eggs are a must and I've come to find that this is one of those grocery store items that you really must spend the extra on. Have you ever taken an inexpensive "generic" egg and cracked it next to an organic, cage-free egg? You can actually see the difference! Then cook it up and eat it - you'll never go back. In preparation for this blog, I selected Nest Fresh brand eggs for my family and they are absolutely a delicious, top-quality egg.

Of course, beyond eggs you've got breads, pastries, cereals, meats and fruits - all of which can make am…

Mom Spot: Great Food

"Never eat more than you can lift. "
-- Miss Piggy

Words of sheer wisdom for starting another week...

Michelle Lee: Static Electricity

We decided to do an experiment today with static electricity.  We used balloons and rubbed them on our head to create static and then used the balloon to pick up pepper.  We also rubbed the balloons on our head and attached them to the wall.  We timed how long they stayed up…most dropped within about 15 minutes or so.  We also brushed our hair and then used the brush to pick up pieces of tissue paper.  The kids really enjoyed it.  We talked about if it would be strong enough to pick up our car or maybe a doll and tried a few different things.  Lots of learning and lots of fun!
Step 1 rub your head. Use the balloon to pick up the pepper. Draw funny faces on the balloons and then repeat step 1.

Step 3, attach them to the wall. Next experiment, brush your hair, step 1. Step 2, use the brush to pick up the tissue paper. Thanks for a great week, Michelle! Moms, don't forget that you can find Michelle at Always Growing whenever yo…

Michelle Lee: What Is That Smell?

We decided to do a smelling experiment today that was very quick and fun.  I picked several different things for them to smell and put them on a cotton ball.  We took turns smelling the cotton ball and passing it around.  I used: vanilla, garlic, vinegar (the least popular), mint, and cinnamon.  We loved the cinnamon, that was the favorite.  It was funny hearing the kids guesses on what the scents were.

 Isaiah said about garlic, “Smells like Daddy’s garlic bread!” and Ayla commented that the mint smell was gum!  Gotta love it!

Michelle Lee: Celery Experiment

This is by no means original, but it is always fun to talk about plants drinking the water and how they need it.  Isaiah is really into experiments lately, so it was a lot of fun!  He predicted it would grow bigger and drink the water.  They enjoyed seeing the celery turn colors.
Isaiah did a great job pouring the cups full of water, while Ayla liked adding the food coloring. Here is what our experiment looked like.

Michelle Lee: Eggs... Sink or Swim?

My son loves to do experiments so this week we decided to see if an egg would sink in water.  It sank.  We talked about how the egg is heavier, or more dense, than the water.  Then we got another cup and added salt (a lot) and saw it float on top.  We then got a cup of water and filled it half full of salt water, then put the egg in, and then added salt water to the top.  The egg was in the middle of the cup.  It was a great way to talk about salt water being heavier or more dense than the egg and see how it works.  Very easy and fun. 

Michelle Lee: Melted Crayons

My son is really into science experiments lately, so our latest one was if we could melt crayons by the heat from the sun.  We used some older crayons and peeled the wrappers off, picked out some cookie cutters, and stuck the crayons inside.  I laid them on a foil covered cookie sheet.  This was a great success.  The first day the one side was more melted than the other side, so we brainstormed hypothesis about why, concluding that there was more sun on that side.  We also discovered that the fat crayons we had took longer to melt.  These actually turned out great, and would make fun beginning of the year gifts for teachers.

What a fun idea to get us started for the week, Michelle! I can't wait to try this. ~ Jenna

Mom Spot: Science and Learning

Moms, I know you are always trying to be the best mom you can be. Guest blogger, Michelle Lee is going to give you some easy science experiments to do with your kids this week! All of them are personally tested with pictures to prove it!

You'll love watching your kids as they learn through simple science this week using every day items like balloons, food coloring, and crayons! Happy Experimenting! ~ Jenna

Guest Blogger Premier: Michelle Lee

Meet Michelle Lee... She is a good friend of mine and super mom! You are going to love all of her fun and entertaining posts all next week. Here's how she describes herself:

"I am a former Kindergarten teacher, now a SAHM of two great kids!  My husband and I have been married for almost 10 great years.  My family is passionate about following Christ and all that entails.   I love scrapbooking, baking, reading, going on walks, and most of all playing lots with my kids.  We are always growing and learning in many different ways as parents, and I like to enable my kids to grow with me as well."
You can find her blogging at Always Growing, tweeting on Twitter (@mochellysue), or hanging out on Facebook. In "real" life she resides in the Denver area, so I guess you could find her there too!
Next week you will not want to miss all of her great "teach while you have fun" ideas that she's mom-tested with her own two kiddos! Here she is with her son, Isaia…

Heritage Square

All I can say is "shame on us" for never having been to Heritage Square... until last weekend. I don't know if I always imagined it being farther away or what, but I hope I can save you from the same mistake.

Our first trip to Heritage Square in Golden couldn't have been a more perfect experience. We arrived just before the ticket sales opened on Monday - Labor Day. I was expecting a big crowd, but was pleasantly surprised to see that we were one of only a handful of cars in the parking lot. Now I can't guarantee that the weather will be as perfect as ours was, but it was the perfect day. There were high clouds, a light breeze, and temperatures in the mid-70s... just glorious by any standard.

Our first adventure was the alpine slide - and a first it was! None of us (yes, not even the hubby and myself) had been on an alpine slide before. It's not exactly a bargain at $7/person per ride, but it was truly memorable. (Kids under 6 ride for just $3.) The views on …

Mom Spot: Things I Can Do In 10 Minutes or less

Now that I have two kids in school, it means two drop off time and two pick up times. It also means having little windows of time that I don't want to waste. I realized this about ten minutes before I had to leave to get my preschooler. I had accomplished all of the "big" things I need to get finished, but I just couldn't waste those precious minutes! Here's my own personal brainstorm of things I could do in 10 minutes or less... feel free to comment and leave your own ideas!

fold a pile of laundrysort through the week's mailclean off and wipe down my kitchen counterswash the miscellaneous dishes in the sinkdream up something wonderful for dinner (ie. browse my cookbooks)call a friend (or text three friends!)empty small household trash cans into larger trash and take it outdo a mini-clean in the bathroomdo a "sweep" of the floors and move all toys/shoes/etc. to their proper placestake a plastic grocery bag out to the car and get all the junk out of t…

C'est la Vie: Food for All

The headline on the front page of the Sunday Denver Post this week was "Spoiled System." I spend a lot of time talking here about food - growing it, buying it, and eating it. Most moms are trying to do their best to feed their families healthy and delicious meals. For some, the price of food can be a significant factor in what they choose to purchase.

If you've watched the popular documentary Food Inc., you may find yourself questioning all edibles  you purchase and consume. If you are already addicted to processed, high fat, high sodium, high sugar foods, maybe you'll just shrug your shoulders and say, "oh well." Either way, the ramifications of what we consume reach far beyond our own dining room tables. What we purchase can and will change the way corporations produce our food. If we demand more fresh fruits and vegetables, properly fed cow and chicken products, and organic options, the supply will arise. In fact, some believe that as demand grows, the p…

C'est la Vie: Something Inspiring

Here's a picture I took this week. As much as I find myself peeved by the sheer number of bugs in my backyard, I couldn't help capturing this little guy on film.

God's creation always inspires me!

Mommy friends, I promise more" mommy topics" next week! Any other PTO moms out there? Let's talk about getting organized, excited, and making a difference!

Mom Spot: Pray

"As for me, I will call upon God, and the Lord shall save me. Evening and morning and at noon I will pray, and cry aloud, and He shall hear my voice. He has redeemed my soul in peace from the battle that was against me."

~Psalm 55: 16-18

Pray today! Have you prayed for your husband? Your children? The teachers and staff at your child's school? The checker at the grocery store? God will show up when you talk to Him.

C'est la Vie: Uninspired

I'm not sure... I think it has something to do with spending too much time behind the computer. Or too much time making copies and creating spreadsheets or something...

These last couple of weeks have been totally uninspired. Oddly, it's also been very productive. I painted my kitchen. I hung new curtains. I added new tile to my back splash. I cut down a tree. Oh yeah. I cut down a tree. Sure I had a friend come by with his chainsaw, but that does not discount the fact that I initiated to project and managed to cut, bundle and stack all that wood in a matter of a few hours. None-the-less: uninspired.

What's a girl/mom/wife to do??

Okay. I'm sidetracked. Now I'm concerned you don't believe I cut down a tree. I am feeling the need to provide proof. Here it is:

For the record, still uninspired. Help please!

Race for the Cure Colorado

Women all over Colorado will unite in a show of unity, support, and triumph on October 3rd! The fight against breast cancer is being fought all over the country, but you can show your support during the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Denver.

There will also be events in Aspen and Colorado Springs - as well as across our great country and around the world! When women unite, great things can happen. There are so many ways to make a difference. Find out how you can join a team, make a donation, participate in an event, and much more! If you don't already know someone who has been affected by breast cancer, someday you will. Join the fight and support the pursuit of a cure.

Mom Spot: Time Saving Tip Tuesday

Here's a time saving tip that hits close to home. I struggle everyday with letting my family get drinks for themselves. I am weaning myself off of getting drinks for kids every time they ask for one. The hardest part? Teaching them to use the same cup all... day... long. Who knew it would be so hard?

A tip from Real Simple:

Have a designated place for cups to be re-used
How can something so simple be so difficult? I many never know the answer. Check out Real Simple for more time saving tips! What I do know? This is a brilliant and time saving idea. If kids (and spouse) know where to put a cup that can be used again, hopefully it will save time in less dish washing!! I love it. Where do you keep cups that should be used again?

C'est la Vie: Things You Shouldn't Say

I took my son to see the Denver Bronco's practice about a week and a half ago (practices are closed now). When we entered the practice area there was a man with a coaxing smile telling us there was a raffle going on that day. I naively walked over to the table where there was a Bronco's helmet signed by one of the players (if I remembered his name I would tell you... yes, I'm that good).

Naturally, my son wanted to sign up. I let him. Rather, I did it for him since I can't actually write more than this name. They told us we would receive a phone call if we were the winners. I turned to my son and said, "Okay! I put your name in the drawing. They will call on Tuesday if you win the helmet!" Add this to the list of things you should never say or do with your five-year-old son.

For days he asked me, "When are the Broncos going to call??" I tried to explain to him that, first of all, the "Broncos" would not be calling. And in fact, chances are…

Mom Spot: Times Are A Changin'

As Bob Dylan would say, the times are a changin'. If you've been following Mom In Progress for any length of time you've probably noticed that I post three times a day... it's insane by almost any standard. It was a pace I kept up because, frankly, I couldn't decide what I loved talking about most: my motherhood experiences, things I love in Colorado, or topics of faith and encouragement. So I did all three.

Starting this week, I'm cutting down on posts. Again, if you're new around here, you may not notice a difference. If you are a long time reader, it's going to feel sparse. Look for a couple of Colorado posts 2-3 times a week - I'll still post them mid-day. Look for my personal thoughts on motherhood/parenthood/spousehood about the same amount and posted in the evening. In the morning, I hope you'll still find an encouraging word or an idea to get you excited.

New this fall, you'll find some guest bloggers and more giveaways!! Woo-hoo!


Picture Week #15

The best "looks hard, but is super simple" cake I've ever made!
Thank you my dear readers for taking a trip in pictures this week! I'll be back with more fun posts next week!

Happy Friday!

Picture Week #14

One more flower... the brilliant poppy

Mom Spot: Picture Week #13

Riding a gondola, in a lock, on Cherry Creek, in Denver. Piqued your interest??  Check out Venice on the Creek

Picture Week #12

Some particularly awesome clouds