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Another Day In Paradise

I honestly love my life. Even on the tough days, I know I have it better than most. Tragedy strikes individuals and entire countries as the news has shown us again today. You are probably most like me and are enjoying the comforts of your American life: food will be on the table tonight, your family is safely enjoying a leisurely afternoon. Complacency is an easy life. We can read the news and do nothing. We can even justify it to ourselves by saying, "There is nothing I can do." But I'd like to challenge you to think for a few moments longer and ask yourself if that is really the truth. Do you really believe there is nothing you can do?? What happened to the heart of our souls that believed we could do ANYTHING? Or was that just a belief that you could do "anything" that would make you happy? Or successful? Or well-known? Do we really believe that our comfortable lives are more valuable than those who have lived or will live through suffering? Do we think w

February Schmebruary

I read recently that apparently I'm not the only one who's not a big fan of February. No offense to my brother who was born this month, and my apologies to those who might call Valentine's Day their favorite holiday. (I've never actually met anyone who said this, but I'm sure there's someone out there.) February is a tough month to get through and somehow feels like the longest month of the year when it is, in fact, the shortest. Go figure. There's no recipe for surviving the dull-drums that surround this month, but I have an idea. One word: games! I love to play games anytime, but when the days just don't seem to have any luster left, playing a good game makes me feel better. Sometimes I play with my kids, and other times the day calls for calling up some friends. I've even been known to beg my husband to play with me... and he does it out of love. Whether it's UNO, Monopoly, Sequence, Catch Phrase, checkers, or Battleship, I just love a g