Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mom Spot: Coffee Crazed

Coffee is part of my daily routine. A few years ago I dedicated myself to using whole beans and grinding them fresh daily. More recently, I am enjoying the free trade, organic variety. It all sounds very sophisticated until I tell you what I do with that exquisite cup of perfection. Coffee lovers brace yourselves. I add flavored creamer.

What can I say? Nobody's perfect. I wonder what that says about me? Maybe it means something like, "I care about what I put into my body but only if it still tastes really, really good." Or it could be, "Organic is important, but spike it with a good dose of sugar thank you very much."

How do you take your coffee? What do you think it says about you?

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  1. Oh Jenna, that is too funny. I have very recently become a coffee drinker (we like the Caribou Coffee whole beans and do the grinding routine every morning). I have also very recently discovered Belgian Chocolate Toffee creamer. It is the best part of my mornings. :)


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