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C'est la Vie: A Little Tired

Today has been a "tired day." I'm sure you've had them too. You wake up, but never really wake up. You struggle to stay awake through the afternoon and would rather lay on the couch than do much of anything at all. You eat things you shouldn't eat and that certainly isn't helping the situation.

Why are there days like this? Why can't this day happen on a Saturday when I can make some time to shamelessly relax? I'm guessing it's mostly because as moms we run our lives at about 120 mph all the time. We get up early, we stay up late, we keep our family on schedule and (mostly) on time. Sometimes our bodies just can't keep up with all of the activities we press on ourselves.

The solution? I'm no expert, just another mom who gets tired, but here are a few quick ideas that I try to find time for:

  •  Take a bath (think aromatherapy and a good book or magazine)
  • Turn down the lights, turn on some relaxing music, light some candles and breath
  • Give yourself a manicure or pedicure
And don't forget, tired can quickly turn to mean and ugly! So just take some time to rejuvenate yourself. Follow that with a good nights sleep (if possible...), and you'll be back to your 120 mph-self.


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