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C'est la Vie: Not Planning Pays Off (aka Backyard Camping)

It's entirely possible that in the next breath I will be changing my mind. Not planning pays off? Really?? I'm usually kicking myself and whining about how if I just were a better planner things would go so much better. But here I am, beautiful (almost) summer night, sitting by the fire thinking, "I am shocked at how my lack of planning made this such a great day!"

It all started on Friday night when my husband realized he had Monday off. "We should go camping on Sunday," he told me. He was enthusiastic and I could feel myself getting excited too. The weather is supposed to be fantastic, I thought to myself. After getting a slow start to our camping careers, we had a great experience last summer, so why not get started early? One problem. We live in Colorado. Every other soul with kids and a tent is thinking exactly the same thing. Even worse, they thought of it two months ago and made a reservation.

All of this rolled around in my head for about 36 hours. …

The Memorial at Ketring Park

Today would be an excellent day to visit the World War II Memorial at Ketring Park in Old Littleton. I feel certain if you've been reading at Mom In Progress for long you've heard about Ketring Park. My kids and I often take walks or bike rides around the park, sometimes in conjunction with a trip to the Historical Museum or Library.

I'm keeping this post short today because chances are you all are out enjoying friends and family like I am - too busy to read blogs and be online! If your in the Littleton area and happen to be without plans, you won't be disappointed by taking a trip to see this beautiful memorial on such an appropriate day.

Mom Spot: Sacrifice

Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.
~Billy Graham

We are all reminded today of the great sacrifices made throughout American history that allow us the lives we live. I am thankful for the courage of the men and women who serve our country and who have lived through the unimaginable, or died in service, so that we can be free.

Levi, I'm especially thankful for you. Thank a soldier today. Have a blessed Memorial Day!

C'est la Vie: Appreciating the Old

Our house is 50-some years old and we love it. It has character and charm. It has mature trees and a good sized yard. It also has cracking concrete and an ancient boiler. It has old tile and wood paneling. It has a beige, no maybe more like rust-colored, bath tub. But that's life. Things get old. You take the old with the ugly and mix it together into something that is satisfying and much more interesting than what you'd buy new off the shelf at your local big box store.

One of the more interesting features of our back yard is the old incinerator. As legend has it (okay, our sweet old neighbors next door told us), each home was originally built with one of these incinerators, used for burning trash and debris. Over the years, city regulations changed and burning became unlawful, so many of these structures were torn down. But not ours. Someone was resourceful enough to turn ours into a birdbath.

It has occurred to me regularly that we could just tear this down and put up a shin…

Buck Recreation Center

Th Daniel H. Buck Community Recreation Center is one of the newest additions to the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District. Built in 2005 and full of excellent amenities, it is located just steps away from old downtown Littleton and the light rail station. The center has excellent programs all year long, but if you are looking for a way to keep cool this summer you may want to consider the Summer Fun pass. For $330 (resident fee) your entire household (2 adults and up to 3 kids; more kids are an additional $30) can have unlimited access to the center: "Passes include locker, towel, unlimited use of indoor pool (during open and lap swim hours), outdoor pools, weight rooms, track, whirlpools, steam room, gymnasium (during open gym times) and drop-in group fitness classes (according to the website)."
 Buck Rec Center - picture from website You also need to check the WEBSITEfor the pool and drop-in class schedule which is updated monthly. You can also click HERE

C'est la Vie: More Games, Less TV

My house is probably as messy as it has been all year, but the kids are happy. The mess is mostly from games, puzzles and toys - a good deal is also sand tracked in from the sand box. I'm working on being happy too, even though the mess drives me nuts (You can only sweep the floor so many time in one day before you become the crazy lady with a broom).

You may remember a post from a few days ago when I was feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of a summer stretched out before us. My solution was to sit down with the kids and talk about our day-to-day plans. What did they want to do? When would they watch TV? How would they find time separate from each other? There are still other questions we'll be hashing out this weekend, but we did agree on a few things:

*We will only turn the TV on for one hour each on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (family movie nights on Friday are an option at parental discretion).
*We signed up for the summer reading program at the library. Our goal is t…

Adopt a Soldier

With Memorial Day just a few days away, I'm reminded again of the sacrifices made for our freedom. Many of you reading are connected to a friend or family member who has served our country... I hope you'll give them a special "thank you" this weekend. But as I was looking for something new to post today, I found Adopt A US Soldier. This program links citizens to a soldier serving somewhere around the globe.

By Michael Elliott at Free Digital Photos
I guess this is another one of my exceptions to my "Colorado" post. There is no guarantee that your soldier will be from Colorado. However, because of the bases located across Colorado, and because this is such a simple way to express gratitude no matter where you live, I'm okay stretching my topic a bit.

The process is very easy. You submit your information via their website and within three days you will be connected with a US soldier. You correspond via posts online. You can follow AAUSS on Facebook or on

Mom Spot: Marriage First

By chance, I saw an advertisement for the show "Bridezillas." I couldn't help but think to myself: "How many of the husbands who married these woman wanted a do-over after seeing the show air?" Honestly, these women seem absolutely wretched. But it got me thinking about spouses. There are plenty of things we'd like to change or we wish were different. We don't know everything going into a marriage and we are always learning more about one another.

But guess what? You have a choice to make. If you put your marriage first, you can overcome all of the obstacles that hope to entangle you. But you can't do it on your own. Here's a great article on building a spiritual foundation for your marriage that I found at Family Life.

Wishing you a beautiful day!

C'est la Vie: Corn Tortillas Equal Y-U-M!

For the longest time (probably up until 6 months ago) I was a flour tortilla lover! I had switched to the whole wheat variety, but I would consistently grab the bag of flour tortillas without so much as a glance at the corn tortillas. The corn seemed dry and flavorless to me. Yes, I now know I was dead wrong.

To put this in perspective, let me share a bit about my up-bringing. I was raised in a house where, thankfully, everything was made from scratch. But don't let that throw you off. The menu never strayed far from red meat and white potatoes with an occasional nod to Italy or Germany. In fact, I can still remember being in middle school and running up against the word "jalapeno" for the first time. You won't be surprised to know, I pronounced the "j." An adult corrected me, but how was I to know? I had never seen the word, let alone the pepper!

I currently have eight jalapeno (and poblano) plants in my garden because they do so beautifully here. And mean…

Make a Difference: Project 1.27

Some of you know that we have considered adoption as a way to grow our family. It's been an idea tumbling around in our minds for several years since walking with close friends through the process of adopting three of their own - yes, three! And there have been moments when I've thought to myself, "If they can do three, we can at least adopt one." It breaks my heart (and should really break the heart of anyone who takes the time to consider it) that there are children in our world, in our country, in our state... even in our town, who are not loved. Even worse, these children are abused, unwanted, and subjected to horrors most of us cannot imagine.

That is why today's Make a Difference is Project 1.27. This Christian non-profit is on a mission to create a social welfare system in Colorado that has no waiting children. In other words, their goal is that there would be more families waiting for children to adopt than there are children in the system. Amazing! The w…

Mom Spot: Progressive Pioneer

Here is another blog I've come across in recent weeks. She has gorgeous pictures and her post yesterday was truly fantastic.

"Maine is pretty rainy in the spring.  And I lived in Oregon for awhile and it defines rainy.  So, a little rain rarely puts me in a gray mood.  In fact, this rainy, rainy spring we've been having here in Utah has actually made me feel quite cheerful!  Each rainy day has felt like something of a celebration."

Click HERE to read the entire post - you have to see the photographs! You'll also find all kinds of topics on sustainable and simple living. Enjoy!

C'est la Vie: More Reasons To Love My Kids

I wasn't excited to make dinner tonight, so I looked into the refrigerator and prayed for a vision. I spotted a bag of English Muffins, spaghetti sauce, shredded cheese, pepperoni - BINGO! Mini pizzas it is. The best part? My kids were totally excited! Just one more reason to love my kids: dinner can be boxed mac and cheese, PB&J, rolled up lunch meat and cheese, even scrambled eggs and toast and they are happy.

You've heard me say we had a rough start to the week, so I thought I'd take a few moments to remember this and other reasons to love my kids.
They sometimes play in their room in the morning instead of getting me up at the crack of dawn. They like to help in the kitchen. They will go out to get the paper in the morning when I'm still in my PJ's and don't want the neighbors to see. They know how to unload the dishwasher. They remind me of places I've told them we need to go (meanwhile, I've forgotten). They keep me entertained everyday with their s…


Every time I hear the word "bubbles" exclaimed, I involuntarily visualize that silly fish in the tank of a dentist's office from the block buster cartoon movie, "Finding Nemo." He loved those bubbles, and really, who doesn't? Bubbles are synonymous with happiness and childhood, whimsy and fantasy. But there is a science to bubbles too. Most of us don't think about that part, but that's about to change.

Thanks to The Children's Museum of Denver, many children will see the joy of bubbles in a new light. The Bubbles exhibit opened May 15, and I was able to experience it with our family at a private showing with Mile High Mamas last week. The museum makes the most of every square inch of space and the Bubbles room was no exception. Kids first transform themselves into mini-scientists complete with white jackets and safety glasses. Each station around the room offers a different facet of exploration into how bubbles are made, what they can do, and th…

Mom Spot: Time Saving Tip Tuesday

Summertime has it's share of busyness, just like any other time of the year. You have lessons and games to attend. There are parties and camp-outs, and the mundane tasks that never end like grocery shopping and paying bills. Moms, we spend an awful lot of time in the car which got me thinking: our cars are really like a mobile room of our homes.

So today's time saving tip is one that although I'm sure someone has documented somewhere, sometime, is a tip that I have created myself. So here it is:
Stock and organize your car as an office on wheels
I think I shared in a recent post that I will often keep a magazine handy for when I have a few minutes waiting somewhere. Imagine if you had even more resources at your fingertips in the car? You already have a cell phone, I'm sure. That can keep you busy enough. But a small shoebox-size container could have a few key items to keep you on top of your schedule and social contacts. In the container, keep a second copy of your addr…

C'est la Vie: Not What I Expected...

One of my favorite lines from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is when the wife says to her husband (my paraphrase), "You set standards no family event can ever live up to." This line came to mind today when I looked at the clock to see it was only 9:45am and I was ready to go back to bed. I've been building "summer vacation" up in my mind for weeks. I have been anticipating lazy mornings at home with my kids. My mind's eye had envisioned romping in grass as the sun splashes through the trees, my kids as delighted as ever to be playing together. Hopes were high for fun and games. I forgot that fun is defined differently for each of us. I furthermore forgot that games can often lead to conflict as quickly as you can say, "I want to play Candyland!" (To which the other sibling screams, "No! I want to play Chutes and Ladders!"

And so was our first official morning of summer vacation. (I'll confess it didn't help that I was …

Pirates Cove Family Aquatic Center

Families come from all over the metro area to visit Pirates Cove. With easy access in a suburban area, Pirates Cove is a great water park for families looking for fun close to home. It is also a much more manageable size (and price) than larger water parks. Opening day is this Saturday, May 29! Residents in both the Englewood and South Suburban Recreation Districts receive discounts for single day admissions and season passes.

Through May 31, use the ONLINE COUPON to receive a free admission to The Wildlife Experience when you purchase the Captains Pass (10 visits at a discounted rate) for Pirates Cove.

Kids of all ages will love this water park. We took our kids for the first time last year and we had a blast! We waded in the kiddie pool, splashed in the fountains, drifted around the lazy river and even played in the sand yard. Lockers are readily available, food is priced reasonably (it is a theme park, so it's not exactly cheap either), and the park is compact in design (in oth…

C'est la Vie: School Is Out

Is there anything more to say??? SCHOOL IS OUT! In honor of this amazing day, here are the top three things I will NOT be doing (for at least a week... hopefully longer):

#1: I will not be packing lunches at 6:30am
#2: I will not be getting dressed to be somewhere before 9am
#3: I will not be navigating school parking lots praying for a parking spot

Was I this excited when I was the student and not the mom? Probably. But being the mom of kids finished with school for the year is a pretty great feeling. Can you tell? I may extend this list once I find a little more motivation... maybe we'll make it the top three things I WILL be doing now that school is out.

Moms, what are you most looking forward to with no kids in school?

Bemis Public Library

Oooh! I have been waiting all week to post this! School is officially OUT in about two hours! Woo-hoo! And that means Monday is the start of the summer reading program at Bemis Public Library! Now, we love this library in large part because it is in walking distance from our house and has beautiful gardens, parks, and the Littleton Historical Museum surrounding it. But, it's the people and the programs at Bemis that keep us coming back.

The summer reading program is amazing and a great way to get kids of all ages (and adults!) reading all summer long. There are great incentives for kids (if your little ones aren't reading yet, you can track the time you spend reading to them) and it's fun to get started early so they can rack up plenty of hours. Not only that, but browsing through the library is a great way to keep cool on hot summer days - totally free!

And speaking of free, I'll be sure to post again when the list of free events for kids is released. We were at every…

C'est la Vie: Lost and Found

I was 99% sure when I made the phone call that I would find my camera. We were out at The Children's Museum last night and the possibility of having lost my camera was somewhat real. I am surprisingly good at keeping track of "things" in spite of the fact that I am generally kind of a space cadet. So, having scoured the house, dumped my purse, and rummaged through the car, I figured it was worth the phone call.

Sure enough, no camera had been turned in at the museum, so I went on with life, hoping it would turn up. Within the hour, it did. In the most unlikely of places: on my bedroom floor under my pajamas. I don't usually leave pajamas lying around, so imagine my surprise when I picked them up to find a camera underneath! Now when I was a teenager, sure. There were layers of clothing, towels, papers, and junk with who-knows-what lurking below. But as a mom, I find more stress in piles and disarray than I do in taking the extra time to just clean up. All that to say…

Urbanspoon Colorado

I do feel like I'm cheating a little bit by using Urbanspoon as a "Colorado" post, but the cool factor is just too high. My hubby introduced me to Urban Spoon as an iPhone app and I was impressed. You can search by city and sort by cost and cuisine as well as read reviews. There is even a listing of top Colorado restaurants - if you don't see your favorite you'll just have to get online and start voting!

The system seems pretty simple: Search for a restaurant with whatever criteria you like (if you can't find one of your favorites you can ADD IT), write a review or just vote for restaurants you like (or don't like, if you're that kind of gal), get directions to a new place, view the menu, and read the reviews. It's all in once place!

Plus, like I said, this is a great app for iPhone and Android users. Do you get the feeling I love food? I promise more posts unrelated to eating... eventually.

Mom Spot: Offline

I have made a habit of arriving about 10 minutes early to pick up my daughter from school. It's not because I don't have other things to accomplish at home, but I've discovered that this gives me a chance to breath before the hectic dinner hour.

My little man hops out of the car and immediately begins launching himself back and forth over the little stream that runs next to the parking lot. Meanwhile, I pull out my magazine stash and start flipping. I'm a classic magazine reader: I soak in the pictures and browse over the captions. Only when something catches my eye do I actually read an entire article. And so it was with the "Free-wheeling Picnic" article in the May edition of Sunset.

Not only did the recipes sound absolutely mouth-watering, the bicycles (free-wheeling... do you get it now?) were completely adorable. Radicchio, roaster pepper, and provolone ciabatta sandwiches make PB&J sound like a joke. Spinach and orzo salad makes me feel guilty I eve…

C'est la Vie: Making Progress

Or not. I've been thinking tonight about how much "Mom In Progress" really does define who I am. I know I have not and will not ever arrive. I have been making progress in forcing myself to rise early in the morning to have some time to myself before the kids rouse... it's been a little over a month and if it weren't for a hot pot of coffee, I'd have thrown in the towel on day two. (Yes, the entire pot is for me.)

On the other hand, as my husband so lovingly reminded me tonight, my attempts at running every day are running away (at least something's running). That lasted for about 10 days and I it's been almost a week since I did my last jog. It's not looking good for starting up again.

It's good to have goals and it's good to push yourself to do and try new things. Maybe it's not even "new" things so much as those things that will make you a better mom. Sure I love to sleep, but I'm finding that an hour to myself before …

Make a Difference: Alternatives Pregnancy Center

This opportunity to give back is one I would recommend for mom's only. Unless you have a teenage daughter, and then this might be a perfect place to do some mother-daughter service work. Alternatives Pregnancy Center promotes abstinence or "renewed abstinence." There are plenty of ways to get involved from counseling to praying to fundraising.

The Walk for Alternatives is coming on June 5, 2010. This is a great way to help fund a movement that is working to help young people make better choices. Did you know that 6 in 10 teens who have had sex, wish they had waited? Maybe you can be a voice so that they can be informed before they make a mistake that could change their lives.

Mom Spot: Fifty Free Activities

You want to check out this great feature at Mile High Mamas that is full of great free (did we say "free"?) activities to keep you and your family busy all summer long! Amber Johnson did the hard work so that you can read, take notes, and fill up your calendar with fun for everyone.

If you want to hear more from Amber (and laugh last nights 11:30pm bowl of ice cream off - oh, was that just me?!?), check out her blog at Crazy Bloggin' Canuck.

C'est la Vie: Spilling the Beans

Sometimes I just can't wait! I was so excited over my discovery on that I just had to find a way to spill the beans. It's not exactly my typical evening post, but with school coming to an end and summer just around the corner, today was as good a day as any to share this great website with you!

When you arrive at the website, the first thing you see is a box asking where you want to find trails. Put in a zip code, or city/state, and you're on your way! You can find trails that are local, but if you're vacationing and want to have some outdoor adventure, just enter the closest city and you can plan your hiking/ biking excursion before you arrive. But it's so much more than hiking and biking! You can discover places to climb, canoe, camp, fish... even watch birds! Not to mention you'll find listings for restaurants and activities to keep you occupied when you're not on the trail.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you can leave feedback on any of th…

Hot Springs

Ever wonder where the best hot springs in Colorado can be found? I did. And I found a great listing in a place I didn't quite expect: I'll save my praise for how awesome this website is for another day (if you want to be outdoors you can find anything here!!).

Click HERE for a listing of the Top 20 Hot Springs as reported by A Falcon Guide. They are all over the state, which is much broader than my own experience (Glenwood has been my only hot springs venture). Some great friends recently vacationed in Steamboat and had good things to say about Strawberry Park. You'll find that in the listing also.

Have you done hot springs in Colorado or elsewhere?? Tell us about it!

Mom Spot: Time Saving Tip Tuesday

Write Things Down. Always, keep a small notepad on hand. When you think of something you need to do, jot down a reminder. This will save you endless minutes recalling just what you were supposed to do.

Thank you, iVillage! Read the whole article, 13 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms at their website. This is a tip I started using several years ago, especially at night. I started keeping a pen and notebook on my night stand so that I could write things down that I was thinking about as I was trying to go to sleep. Not only did it save me time the next day, it also saved my sanity! Instead of laying awake at night worrying that I would forget to do something, I would write it down and it allowed my mind to relax. More sleep = Happy mom!

C'est la Vie: What Kids Love

I've been thinking about how much fun I am having with all of the end-of-the-year activities our kids are involved with. You've heard of most of them here at Mom In Progress, so I won't repeat myself. But the fun factor has been off the charts and it's made me realize that just because the kids enjoy it doesn't mean that I can't enjoy it too. Maybe that just makes me a big kid, but I think I'm okay with that.

It's easy to get wrapped up in the burden that can be our hectic daily schedules. But when we get so wrapped up in the when and where of everything that we miss the fun, we're in a bad mommy place. Kids love to do crazy kids activities like the amusement park (heck, they just love the park down the street!), field trips, the swimming pool, and anything that allows them to run around screaming. But do you know what kids love even more? When mom or dad is doing it with them.

I recently heard a statistic showing that kids who have parents who are …

Butterfly Pavilion

Of all the child-focused exhibits I wish I could visit weekly, Butterfly Pavilion is number one. I could spend hours in the rainforest-like room where butterflies dance through the air, lush vegetation sprawls from every corner, and a delightful assortment of other tropical animals make their home. You can meet Rosie, the resident tarantula and stroke a horseshoe crab as a wonderful side-light to your Pavilion trip. (Is there a child's birthday in your future? The Butterfly Pavilion is available for parties!)

The Sunset Stroll, a monthly event, gives you a more exclusive tour where you will see activities not seen during the daylight hours. A reservation is necessary. The Butterfly Pavilion is open seven days a week and summer is a great time to go! Schools are mostly finished with their field trips and you can walk the outdoor nature trail. Everyday, new butterflies are released between 12:30 and 3:30pm, and there are great spots to have lunch, so plan to make a day of it!

Fun Fa…

C'est la Vie: Sweet Times

Just had a night out with ladies from church and walked away feeling so good. Sometimes you just don't get to know someone until you sit down together over a heaping plate of ooey-gooey cake, cookies, and ice cream!

Those women who you walk by at your place of work, church, or school have so much more to offer than the brief "nice weather, isn't it?" conversation. If you're feeling a little lonely or just want to have some fun, remember that acquaintances will never be friends if you don't take the time to get to know them.

Details, Details

Welcome to Week Two on our tour of Old Littleton. This week we're making a stop just for moms: Details. If I had just three words to describe details I would have to say: fun, funky and feminine. The little treasures you will find here vary from diaper bags to a deck of cards, skinny jeans to scented lotions. If you are looking for a gift for a girl friend, this is the place to go!

Shopping for yourself? Leave plenty of time for meandering through this beautiful old building. You feel comfortable and welcome and you stroll through the spacious brick building. You find yourself stopping at each display to read a quirky quote or pausing to take in just how many colors or shoes or wallets (or whatever!) there are.

You can even reserve your own shopping party at Details! You'll discover hard to find brands, one-of-a-kind items, and boutique labels to delight any fashionista. And it's only found right here in Littleton. So shop local!

C'est la Vie: For Love of a Bath

I'm probably repeating myself. But as I look toward the end of a week devoted in large part to remembering to celebrate Mother's Day at little bit everyday, I have to tout my love for baths.

It's simple. It's free (pretty much). It's easy. And most importantly, you don't have to leave home to enjoy it! The bath can be a mini retreat after a long day... and they are all long.

Frankly, it doesn't even take much planning. If you're new to the whole idea of a bath (does anyone remember that episode on Friends when Monica had to show Chandler what a bath was supposed to be like?!?), you may need to take a trip to the store to be fully prepared.

Think bubble bath, bath salts, candles, oils, bath cakes, or any other concoction you would like to soak in. (My new favorite is a Sea Source Detox Spa Purifying Sea Soak from Arbonne.) Once kids are tucked safely in bed, draw your bath, light the candles, turn on some relaxing music, and let the day melt away.

Can yo…

Junior League of Denver Cookbooks

From the time I moved to Colorado eleven years ago until now, some of the best recipes I've tasted have been from the Junior League Cookbooks! I still don't know the lure and legend of how they came to be or who has contributed recipes, but I do know one thing: you want them.

After doing a bit of online research, I've discovered they are hard to come by. The Tattered Cover has the Creme de Colorado in stock, but the Junior League website shows all are "out of stock." So like any good online shopper, I went to Amazon. Turns out, they are abundant there, both new and used.

Are you a Coloradan with a favorite recipe from one of these famed cookbooks? If so, please share.

Like somewhere else? What are the cookbooks and recipes that define your neck of the woods?

Mom Spot: Places that Inspire

Last night I was writing a short piece about a great day trip. Out of Denver, there must be hundreds of places that fit that description! Colorado is perfect for travel because there is an unlimited number of things to do to suit every interest and ability. Hiking and biking, skiing, fruit picking, fishing, visiting historical monuments, hot springs or sporting events, and even indoor activities like museums and the aquarium stir the soul.

It also happens that we are planning our family vacation to Seattle and the surrounding area. I have been digging through online websites to find places to go that will create awesome family memories and a beautiful assortment of photographs. All of this travel on the brain has me thinking about places that inspire me. Some "places" are more like moments in time, or are less about the place and more about the "thing." ...You'll see.

So here are a few pictures to inspire you this morning. What are the places that inspire you?


C'est la Vie: A Little Help From My Friends

I've been thinking a lot about things coming to an end since school will be out starting next week (I can't help but want to scream out, "How is that possible?!?". So I just had to end the day with a shout out to all my mommy friends who have helped me hold life together this school year!

You were there for me when I inexplicably had to be three places at once.
You put up with spur-of-the-moment play dates because of my inability to plan ahead.
You toughed it out when it took us twelve weeks to scedule a night out.
You took my kids when I was sick and even made me soup.
You didn't turn me away when I showed up unannounced.
You hijacked me when it looked like I might cause actual physical harm to someone in my household.
You called, emailed, tweeted, and otherwise messaged me in an effort to keep in touch.
(You forgave me when I didn't return the message.)
You remembered my birthday.
(I hope I remembered yours...)
You prayed for me.
And God bless you, you'…

Make a Difference: Open Door Ministries

Open Door Ministries has been serving the broken and needy people of Denver since 1997.

"Our mission as an outreach of Open Door Fellowship Church is to embrace needy and broken people in urban Denver with the heart and hands of Jesus. Open Door Ministries exists to provide practical help and hope to people in Denver’sinner city who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. Specifically, we provide transitional homes for young mothers and their children, as well as for single women who do not have children with them. We also provide a high-quality preschool, child care and before-and-after school program, primarily for children from families in poverty. Open Door reaches out to disabled people through our TRYAD program and Cornerstone Home. In addition, we offer free weekly meals and provide a resource center that includes job skill training, counseling and food. Through these unique programs, we supply tangible needs like food, clothing and shelter, as well as intangible ne…

Mom Spot: "Quickie Clean"

I discovered this blog by Tracey Eyster at MomLife. I was inspired, and I hope you will be too! It takes less than 5 minutes to read this blog about how to clean your house in 5 minutes segments - brilliant!

Several years ago I learned the art of the “quickie clean” and it has saved me much aggravation and kept me from feeling overwhelmed when it comes to housework.
It started with the refrigerator. There I was enjoying my day when I stopped at the refrigerator to grab a simple snack. What I saw made me want to scream or throw something. The thought ran through my head, “I really should clean out the refrigerator…” but the thought of spending the next hour diving into that colossal mess filled me with dread. So I quickly grabbed what I was after, slammed the door shut and forgot about it. Until, of course, the next time I opened the refrigerator door at which time the same process repeated itself. Click HERE to read the entire post.

C'est la Vie: There's a Dino in the Dryer

Mondays are laundry days. And if there's a lot of laundry (or if I get busy doing other things), it spills over into Tuesday and Wednesday. It's been one of those weeks. But the sight of a two-inch red and yellow dinosaur in the bottom of my dryer brought a smile to my face tonight. After a long day of lunches, laundry and everything in between, it reminded me that life can always be fun.

My little guy loves to put cars, super heroes, and apparently dinosaurs in his pockets. Any time, any place, he's ready to play! Sure it might be forgotten in the pocket, but it's only because he was off having more fun with something else. Now I'll admit, I've found some not-so-special treasures in the laundry too. Crayons and gum can really spoil a perfectly average laundry day.

But today, laundry was fun. What treasures have you found in your washer and dryer?