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Mom Spot: Time Saving Tip Tuesday

I love themes! It's why I love planning parties, decorating my house, or planting a garden. It gives me a chance to create a theme and go wild. So here comes one more theme to Mom In Progress: Time Saving Tip Tuesdays!

Mommas, if there is one thing we are always short on it's patience.... I mean, time. Maybe both. Anyway, I'm dedicating Tuesday mornings to inspiring you with a new time saving tip! Today I'm starting with a tip I heard years ago from my favorite foodie, Rachael Ray.

Always wash your veggies as soon as you get home from the grocery store.

When you wash all of your produce (berries should be washed right before you use them, but most others fit this rule), it saves you tons of time when you're ready to make a meal or have a snack. In fact, I've taken this a step further and will wash and slice things like celery and carrots so that it's ready for a quick, healthy snack - just as easy as pulling a bag of pretzels out of the cupboard. I'll also chop extra onion when I'm prepping for one meal so that I don't have to torture myself again later in the week.

Come back every Tuesday and see how you can be inspired to save even more time!


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