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Grand County Blues Festival

I accidentally showed up during this Grand County tradition last year and it was great music, great atmosphere, and great views of course. The Grand County Blues Festival is packed with music and extremely kid friendly being centrally located at Hideaway Park.

If you've never spent time in Winter Park in the off-season, be ready for great things. This town has much to offer beyond winter sports. Besides the Grand County Blues Festival, you'll find lots of activities for families (think biking - rent them there, hiking, alpine sliding, and more). Check out an entire list of activities and links to kid friendly restaurants HERE.

We've stayed at the Iron Horse Resort in the off-season which is a great location just outside of town. It's ski-in/ski-out from Mary Jane so hiking is right out your back door. For families that want to be in the heart of Winter Park, try Winter Park Mountain Lodge (mountain views for prices around $90/night!). If you're looking for a deal, check out the Summer Deals page at the Play Winter Park website.

And don't forget to pick up a sandwich at Rudi's Deli for a picnic!


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