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C'est la Vie: Places I'd Like to Go

In spite of how life can sometimes seem like it's dragging you around by your ankles, I still like to dream. Our travel in June reignited my desire to explore. Since I don't foresee any major trips in the near future, I decided to take a trip via the internet. Here are a few places I'd like to go and the websites that will "take" you there.

Alaska - Scribbit (I've been following this mommy blogger for a while and she has great stuff!)

Australia - WhyGo Australia (Part blog, part travel website, it has great pics and tons of information.)

France - Paris-Sharing (Takes dreaming a step further... consider apartments for exchange!)

Germany -  A Studio with a View (American artist Stephanie Levy lives in Germany and shares life in her blog.)

Hawaii - Hawaiirama (Rated one of the Top 10 Best Hawaiian blogs by US World and News Report)

Italy - Venice Daily Photo (One photo a day captures life in Venice - spectacular!)


  1. Hi Jenna! Thanks for including WhyGo Australia in your list - much appreciated :)



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