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C'est la Vie: It's Never Too Early For...

...Christmas cards! 

Some of you are rolling your eyes or shaking your heads at me, but we are all busy and what is the best way to stay stress-free during the holidays??? Planning ahead!

Shutterfly has tons of great ideas for making the most of your photos. One great idea? Turning that fun photo into your holiday card this year. Personally, I'm wild about their Glee Christmas 5x7 photo card - it is fun and simple which are two things that make my world go 'round. I just love the idea of sending a personalized card with a picture of our family. For our friends and family around the country, I know they appreciate seeing an updated photo when they receive our Christmas card. Many of my friends have also adopted the photo card as their means of wishing everyone a "Merry Christmas" and I adore getting their pictures too!

But remember, you don't have to wait until Christmas to send your greeting. I have a few friends who have switched to a Thanksgiving greeting that takes the card sending off their December to-do list altogether. There are some great cards at Shutterfly for this too. Not sure if you'll be getting a Thanksgiving card from me this year, but I'm definitely considering it for the future.

Is this fun or what?!? - So many more at Shutterfly!

On another note, I'm finally learning Photoshop (I know, I know... welcome me to the 21st century.)... can you imagine adding a little pizazz to your picture and then creating your holiday card with it? Beware, your friends might be asking you to make their cards next year! If you've never tried before, go to their website and take a few minutes to play around with the designs. You'll love how easy it is to create your own card! And don't forget address labels to tie the whole thing together. This is a fast and inexpensive way to get a jumpstart on your holiday chores.

Leave us a link to your favorite design!


  1. i love getting photo cards at christmas! my only gripe is that so many times the picture will be of just the kids and i don't get to see my long time friends-some of whom i haven't seen since high school. :)

  2. From what I understand, that is a nice service but allows you to create your own photo cards,mega bells and whistles, PLUS you can send gifts or gift cards! SendOutCards also sends them out for you. What could be easier?? Why not compare? Just contact us and we will set up a gift account for you and for any of your readers to send a free card.


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