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Something Beautiful Video

One of my favorite songs of all time ... and this video just makes you feel good! Enjoy!

Easter Services

I noticed there were a lot of page views lately from my post last year for the Easter Service at Red Rocks. Click here for the updated link for this years service. I saw too that there is a sunrise service this Easter at Clement Park & Cornerstone Park presented by Horizon Christian Fellowship. More details can be found HERE . And of course, our church is going to have some great Easter activities. Find out the details for Calvary Baptist in Englewood at .

A Promise to Myself, I Couldn't Keep

Sometimes I wonder who is actually running my life. Maybe you've felt like this recently. I make small and seemingly insignificant choices about how I spend my time that somehow add up to insanity. School, work, play ... it can all a wild ride from sun up to sun down. The good news is, I do know who is running my life and He knows the desires of my heart. So the promise I couldn't keep was one I made to myself about 2 weeks ago. I promised I was going to be the writer I wanted to be and start writing/blogging everyday. I've done it before, I could easily do it again! It's been about two weeks and still nothing. Which makes me wonder about the real desires of my heart. We can save that for another post. I do love writing and interacting with all of my friends online! It's a wonderful challenge to think of new and interesting things to share. It's entertaining to communicate stories of life "in the trenches" of motherhood. And I write what is on my

Photo of the Week

I got a good laugh when I saw these three pairs of shoes sitting side-by-side at my back door yesterday. I had to share the picture! Rain galoshes, snow boots and flip flops - all of which were legitimately worn within 24 hours for various forms of weather. Give a shout if you had summer and winter shoes rubbing soles this week!