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Just Between Friends Sale Discount!

Looking for the biggest second-hand sale of kids gear and clothing in metro Denver? Want to get $30 worth of stuff for just $15? Then you need today's deal from Juice in the City - Just Between Friends Sale!

The National Western Complex is home to this awesome sale held this year from September 25 until October1.

Redeemable on public sale dates as listed below:
9/25: 10am-7pm
9/26: 10am-7pm
9/29: 10am-7pm (New merchandise)
9/30: 10am-4pm (25% off most items)
10/1: 8am-4pm (50% off most items)
*$5 parking fee not included

So grab a friend (your JITC deal today gets you in for free!), get this deal and get to the Just Between Friends Sale! You'll love stocking up on this incredible selection of gently-used kids clothes, maternity clothing, baby equipment, nursery items, costumes, outside playground equipment, books, kids’ movies, shoes and plenty of toys!

Happy Shopping! 


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