Thursday, September 29, 2011

Little Gym: Parents Survival Night Deal

Okay moms. This deal is for the older, experienced crowd. You know you need a night out. Your tired of eating at restaurants that serve yellow mac and cheese where servers sing some crazy version of happy birthday while you're just trying to keep the kids from spilling one more thing. You want to see a movie that isn't animated. You may even want to wear high heels for the evening.

Whatever your dreams for a night out are, Juice in the City has found a deal that can make your dreams a reality. Drop the kids off for a night of fun activities and food at Little Gym in West Littleton for half-price! You'll get three hours all to yourselves (assuming hubby is coming along!) and the kids will be well cared for at the same time.

So if you're tired of struggling to find a baby sitter and your kids are potty trained, this is a great idea! There are some other key details you'll need to know, so click HERE to purchase. And enjoy that night out!

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