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Cake Pops for the Home Baker

This is the tale of birthday treats with a twist. The twist is good, but the twist comes with some serious side notes. And here they are. Pros: No worries about how the cake turns out. You're just going to smash it to bits anyway. Recipe is super simple: one baked cake, one can of premixed frosting smashed together in a bowl, a few bags of candy coating Easy to eat for kids - less mess than cupcakes, brownies or cake Perfect treat for easy transport Fun, fun, fun!! Cons: Super simple meets super messy! Making balls by hand was a m-e-s-s! Getting those cake balls onto sticks was easy enough, getting them to stay... not so much. Maybe it was just me, but it took much more candy coating to frost these than I expected which turned out to be the biggest expense. Individual wrapping was necessary for taking them to school (in my opinion). This also added to the expense. Bottom line: It would have been much cheaper to buy something than to bake these. On the other hand, they